Thanks for attempting to clear that up Brian, but I always thought it was obvious by the way Mark dresses. Black pullovers in the spring? Sheesh. Anyway, Brian Cuban, Dallas attorney and brother of the mercurial Mark Cuban, is firing back on his own blog at meanies who have been emailing him with various taunts aimed at his brother regarding those recent insider trading allegations. In a post headlined My Brother Is Not Martha Stewart, Brian lashes out:

This is the only time I will address the ignorant and hateful mail I have received. The allegations against my brother are just that, allegations. The only version of events the public gets to see is the SEC version in their complaint. They are going to spin facts in the light most favorable to their case. As an attorney I am aware that this is the nature and reality of litigation. Mark will get his say in court. I have no doubt that the true chain of events will play out in his favor. ... There are only two people in this world that have known Mark longer than I have. Everyone else has an opinion and gets their blog stats up by voicing it and speculating. I don’t have a problem with this. It is what makes the blogosphere one of the most fascinating ever expanding frontiers on earth. I however, have 47 years of facts. Mark is an ethical person of the highest level of integrity in every aspect of his life. I urge people to not pass judgment on SEC self -serving P.R. Let the facts play out where they should, in a court of law.

As compelling as this post is however, I was more intrigued by three other entries at the Brian's blog, The Cuban Revolution: 11 Must See Disaster Flicks, Can Jesus Smoke a Fatty? and I Voted For John McCain. You're hereby bookmarked, Brian! My Brother Is Not Martha Stewart [The Cuban Revolution]