First America's favorite sideline princess popped up on Dan Patrick's radio show, and playfully engaged in back-and-forth with her former ESPN co-worker about sideline horror stories, including the time that fleet-footed Joe Paterno blew right by her on the way to the locker room . Andrews also chatted with the lucky mutts at FirstCuts, and talked about her involvement with EA Sports' NCAA Basketball '09. She's polite and says nothing controversial as usual, yet this little anecdote about Kirk Herbstreit is kind of slash fiction-y when taken completely out of context:

Herbstreit, when we worked Thursday night football together, would actually bring his on the road. He and his buddies would play in the hotel room and I would basically just go and kind of read magazines while they played and laugh at his voice on the football game, so I'd imitate while they were playing and stuff...

Ahem. One thing EA (the girl, not the game) did want to clarify is that she has no plans to ditch sports media anytime soon and has no aspirations of becoming the next Billy Bush:

I don't want to switch. The one part of that article that they didn't put in there was I said I want to read TMZ and People when I want to get away from sports because I read about sports 24/7. So then it was this whole thing on the internet. "Oh my god, Erin Andrews going to Hollywood!" And it was like, "No, that's not what I said." I'm honestly one of the biggest tomboys there is and I love sports.

Yeah. Brooks. Erin Andrews Talks Video Games, Says She Isn't Leaving For Hollywood [FirstCut]