takes you by the heart, when it takes you by the hand.

Who will serve us tea?: Cheerleaders in cricket? Actually, that's a lot like I'd expect it to be. [Lion In Oil] Available in bulk!: Did you know that you can get discounted Knicks tickets at Costco? I guess that explains why I was able to buy a 55-gallon drum of mayonnaise at Madison Square Garden. [Vent About Sports] It's a two-way street: Is ESPN stealing jokes from lowly bloggers? Well, their unintentional jokes keep us all in business, so we guess that's fair. [Barstool Sports] It's the size of the fight... : Barack Obama's Attorney General pick is the same lawyer who led the NFL's investigation of Michael Vick. Our nation's dogs have never been safer. [Examiner] I Grock Brady: Nobody combines 20-year-old SNL references with obscure Wolverine trivia like our old friend Yostal. [Hoover Street Rag]