Since football fans don't have much else to do between Monday and (now) Thursday nights, there's still plenty to talk about when it comes to that crazy Pittsburgh-San Diego game that changed the face of gambling sports for ever. Of course, just because we're talking about it, doesn't mean we're "talking" about it ... we're just talking about it. Know what I'm talking about? One thing the National Football League is definitely not talking about is the whole point spread issue. As one astute reader even pointed out to us, an AP story about the game that appeared on was exactly like the AP story that appeared every where else in the world, with just one minor omission.

"The call affected betting on the game since the Steelers were 5-point favorites and would have covered if the touchdown counted."

That was the last sentence of the story as written, but we guess had space constraints or something because it was cut from the version that appeared on their website. Problem solved! So that was quietly swept under the rug, but the league is loudly considering an actual substantive change based on the referee's blown call. There has been talk about changing the replay rules (before the playoffs start) to allow officials on the field to go back and consult with the replay booth more than once per challenge. That way both zebra crews will have an extra opportunity to properly screw things up. But at times like these, it's important to consider the real heroes who have been most affected by these trying times—the bookies. Maybe you're not sympathetic to their plight, but that's probably because your bookie is a heartless thug who steals your soul as he picks your pocket and not an adorable stay-at-home mom who smells like fresh chocolate chip cookies and runs a sports book out of her kitchen. Yes, Bookie Mom—the world's best bet-taking recipe-sharing video-blogger—was quite pleased with how things worked out. And gracious in victory, too.

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