When I was living in South Lake Tahoe, Kevin Costner randomly showed up one day at South Lake Tahoe High to talk to the students in the drama department. He had filmed The Bodyguard at nearby Fallen Leaf Lake, and returned to the area occasionally for vacations. Something similar happened at Dallas' Lake Highlands High School on Tuesday, where the vice principal's pep rally announcements went something like this: "Wednesday is hoagie day in the cafeteria, and the bus for the chess tournament leaves at 2:15. Oh, and Will Smith and Tony Romo have dropped by to say hello. Here they are." Video below. The rally was for Lake Highlands' playoff-bound football and volleyball teams, and Smith was evidently in town to promote his latest movie, Seven Pounds. And Romo was there because, Jessica was shopping nearby? Anyway, Smith says something interesting at about the 9:30 mark on the video, saying: "This is the first high school I've visited in about nine years." Considering that his son, Trey, is a sophomore receiver at Oaks Christian High near Los Angeles, that's actually kind of sad. Besides, fans at Oaks Christian, the night I was there, said that Smith has been to several games. So somebody's lyin'!

As you can see, Smith actually played reporter and asked about Romo's injured finger. I couldn't really make out a lot of what Romo was saying. Who would have thought that a gymnasium pep rally where Tony Romo and Will Smith make an impromptu appearance would be so noisy? Will Smith, Tony Romo Light Up Lake Highlands Pep Rally [HS GameTime] Tony Romo And Will Smith At HS Pep Rally [NESW Sports]