wonders if it has enough class.

Cumpleaños Feliz: Ain't no party like a David Ortiz all-white party. Too bad I had nothing to wear to it. [Red Sox Monster] • It's called "managing expectations": We don't know how to break this to you Vanderbilt, but ... you ain't going to the Rose Bowl. [Hot Dog and Friends] • Blog fight!: Shaq totally did so hurt Rodney Stuckey. Did not. Did so! Well, maybe he hurt his feelings. [It's Just Sports] • There goes the streak: Cal Ripken was forced to flee Nicaragua—and his baseball skills camp—due to political unrest. Looks like those Tom Emanski Instructional Jungle Warfare tapes finally paid off. [Machochip] • What's next? Dating a pop star?: Tony Romo takes homeless guys to the movies. Yeah, that's normal behavior. [Cowboy Blog]