Mike Stone says that he is not a good looking man, and is an even a worse looking woman. The Detroit sports radio personality, who has a weekend show on WXYZ-TV, bet someone at the station that Michigan would beat Purdue, and as a result had to do his show in drag. I think we're all losers here. Betting on Michigan to win a game? Come on; it doesn't take Miss Marple to deduce that this means Stone secretly loves dressing as a woman. Most frightening aspect of this: He spends most of the sportscast talking about the Lions. Imagine someone new to the Detroit area tuning in for the first time and seeing this ... person, saying: "Rod Marinelli says it's all about up front."

Key quote from a guy who answered the phone at WDFN Radio: "Just so you know, that pink sweater isn't padded. Those are his real boobs." Mike Stone [Wikipedia]