When I worked at the Peninsula Times-Tribune in Palo Alto, Calif., (former home of Ray Ratto!) a young copy editor came up with a rather inadvertently amusing headline for a story in the features section: You May Be To Blame If Your Dog Won't Come. That still ranks in my top 10 of funny suggestive headlines, but what of the sports division? We may have a new leader. A quick check reveals that the Tulsa World still hasn't changed it, and when you think about it, why should they? It's our minds that are in the gutter, obsessed with the size of, well, you know. Of course you have your old non-suggestive standbys, such as Grandmother Of Eight Makes Hole In One, and Roger Clemens Arrives For Hearing On Steroids (CNN). And then the suggestive ones, of which this is still my personal favorite. But this isn't bad. If you have a suggestive sports headline to share that tops the one above, or any one at all, really, slap that baby into the comments. I need a good laugh. Update: Is this one suggestive? No? Sorry ... carry on. Update: Oh, yeah:

This Is Definitely The Most Suggestive Sports Headline I've Ever Seen [Fan IQ]