hurt itself today, to see if it still feels.

Back-to-Back: Wow. This guy really likes Barry Bonds. It must be their shared passion for needles. [Mouthpiece Sports] • You got your free taco, didn't you?: An angry Red Sox fan is suing a furniture store, because Boston failed to win the World Series, so that means she had to pay for her own couch. Why don't you go ask Pedroia for the money? [Vent About Sports] • Go stick your head in a drift: The Colorado Buffaloes are not doing so hot right now. And that's why they invented skiing. [Slushy Gutter] • That's like asking who is handsomest Manning: The 2008 New York Giants: Good offense or the greatest offense? [Bluenatic] • That's not a joke. That is a severe behavioral disorder: I think someone is having a laugh at the expense of the Steeler Nation. [Who Dey] • Gee, I wonder why it wasn't a bigger hit: I didn't know this until just now, but "Saved By Zero" is an actual real song by The Fixx. So please make sure your murderous rage is directed at the proper parties. [Stereogum]