The Deadspin Morning Video Wake Up Call will return for a brief period of time from today through the holidays. If you have any suggested videos to fill this space, email us. Subject: Morning Video Wake Up Call. Hines Ward's post-game q-and-a on Holmes: "He was out of it. I was looking for the guy, [but] I couldnt ever get to him. But Santonio is a warrior. Hell be back. Thats just the violence of the game. It was a clean hit. The guy read it, he read right, and he made a huge hit on Santonio. Thats why I try to preach to my guys, Hit them before they hit you. You know they are going to hit you, so any opportunities you can get, you have to try to take your shots. Thats what I try to preach to the guys." Steelers/Bengals []