Tomorrow morning, I will wake up at an unholy hour to drive to Penn State University for the foot-ball contest between the nation's two premiere land grant colleges. (Look it up.) It will be my first trip ever to Happy Valley and Beaver Stadium and part of my journey will be to figure out why there are so many names for one little place. (Fun fact: Beaver Stadium is not named after the animal!) I bought the tickets many months ago never believing that the game would actually be meaningful (for either team), but there are actual Big Ten, Rose Bowl and BCS implications awaiting the outcome. I'm trying not to think about that, although Clay's excessive confidence in the outcome does give me hope.) Plus, it's like the biggest stadium on the planet or something and I've never seen a sporting event from the 71st row of an upper deck. (71! Who knew they went that high?) My question is: What the heck am I supposed to do there when the game is not actually in session? I suppose I could find a tailgate to latch on to while I wait for the gates to open, but that seems like asking for trouble. So what do I need to see, eat, drink, visit or stumble over to fully enjoy the Penn State experience? You know, aside from the painfully cold winds and that incessant roaring sound over the PA system. Penn State safety, on facing MSU: 'This is probably the biggest game I’ve been in' [Detroit Free Press] Penn State focused on winning Big 10 title [Clearfield Progress]