Could today be the end of perfection for the Titans? Tennessee faces off against Favre and the Jets at 1:00 and it should be a doozy. Even with Favre's probable interceptions, the Jets should prove to be the Titans biggest challenge so far. For once I'll be rooting for the Jets, as perfection is boring. • Despite disciplinary issues, Chad Johnson will keep playing for the Bengals. Honestly, I think they should pull a Marbury on Johnson and just sit him. • Westbrook will play for the Eagles today, although his tough matchup might not be favorable against the Ravens. He says he feels good though, so that's something. I guess. • Detroit will be looking for their first win today as they host the Bucs. It's a must win...going into the Thanksgiving game winless would be embarrassing. Can we please switch up the Thanksgiving games? Thanksgiving football has sucked for years.