Brett Favre learned everything he knows about playing wide receiver from an instructional book written in an obsolete vernacular. And for some reason Jeff Fisher decided to make his arrival at Friday's practice via parachute. Both teams have added field goals since we last checked in, making the score 13-3 in favor of the Jets. Thanks, once again, to Christmas Ape for the images. Continue after the jump for the rest of the scores. • Ravens 10 - 7 Eagles: Oh dear god, they've gone and benched Donovan McNabb! He's been downright awful all day long, and since the team still has a chance to win (thanks, Baltimore) Andy Reid has decided to give Kevin Kolb a shot to really fuck up Donovan's future with the team. • Vikings 20 - 10 Jaguars: The Vikings defense forced a fumble from Matt Jones and they have the ball in Jacksonville territory, but they still haven't been able to do much of anything on offense this afternoon. Oh well, they'll settle for a field goal and a 10 point lead. • Bears 24 - 3 Rams: The Rams are fucking awful. • Dolphins 20 - 17 Patriots: Pennington just hit Dartmouth's own Casey Cramer from a yard out to retake the lead against New England. • Buccaneers 28 - 17 Lions: Collapse complete, and it's only the third quarter! Jeff Garcia has a pair of touchdown passes, one to a Gator and one to an alleged rapist. The Bucs just got another score on a punt return for a touchdown. • Cowboys 29 - 6 49ers: Dallas has opened it up on defenseless 49ers. TO only has three touches, but they've gone for over 120 yards and a touchdown. Rookie tight end Martellus Bennett has a touchdown for his second time in as many weeks. Patrick Crayton just added another score for Dallas. • Texans 13 - 6 Browns: Oh come on, you know you don't care. • Bills 30 - 17 Chiefs: Leodis McKelvin has two interceptions of Tyler Thigpen passes, and he took one of them back for a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards have both scored on the ground while Jamaal Charles and Tony Gonzales have scored for KC. Update: Trent Edwards just went balls out for another rushing touchdown. The lead is now 20.