will keep us together.

Get a tan or something: Someone actually makes it to Hawaii in November, and they're wasting their time watching basketball? [Rumors and Rants] • Cut your hair, get a job: Has Minnesota's Marion Gaborik actually missed the last month because of a hackeysack injury? That's what you get for hanging around those dirty hippies. [Icy Hot Sensations] • Ow, my tummy!: Devin Harris scores 23 of his 30 points on Friday after throwing up in the locker room during the third quarter. So that explains his new pregame meal of sour milk and Pop Rocks. [Hoops Addict] • Too soon?: Northwestern and Illinois have exchanged their last Sweet Sioux Tomahawk, which totally makes up for for all smallpox. [Josh Q Public] • Don't call it a comeback: Everyone knows that sports is all about redemption. I'm thinking of knocking over a liquor store, just so I can make an inspiring return to form. [Mondesi's House]