With SHOTY in full swing, the results of In Game Now's "smoking hot pseudo athlete thing", and now the final round of The Big Picture's "Would you do..." Tournament of Champions, it's obviously online voting season for sports blogs. They are down to their final two contestants: The second seed, nubile pole vaulter Allison Stokke is up against AP/Coaches' Poll number one seed, ubiquitous sideline princess, Erin Andrews. Between the two of them, they have probably generated close to 70 kajillion pageviews for sports blogs in 2008. (Baby Mangino was sorely overlooked in this category, in my opinion.) Right now, Andrews has a slight lead but that could change if enough of the future statutory rapist population can band together to give Stokke one final push. Stand up and be counted and/or profiled. ***** TONIGHT: Use this space to follow the Green Bay Packers/New Orleans Saints MNF showdown. Maybe they'll have Michelle Tafoya do a special report about which disgruntled Saints player covered the Tom Benson vehicle in feces. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin...look at the walking SKEETS.