Have some money to invest, but you're not totally sold on the financial genius that is Lenny Dykstra? Why not try Shawn Hochuli, son of embattled NFL referee iron pumper Ed Hochuli? Shawn is a football referee as well, in addition to being a young Gordon Gekko. Hochuli refs in the Big 12, working games from Iowa to Texas. But on weekdays the 30-year-old is a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley.

Hochuli now invests money for about 200 clients, including college and professional football officials, with assets ranging from $200,000 to $3 million. As a referee, three of the seven people on his officiating crew work in the financial industry. He said the two jobs are surprisingly similar. “Whether you are working with a coach in a big game, or an investor getting close to retirement, the stakes are high,” Hochuli said. “There’s fear; it’s an emotional time. My job is to keep calm amid the madness so I can make the right call.”

I'm guessing that, even though he talks like an investment commercial, he doesn't get a lot of business in San Diego. Football Ref Says Managing Money Prepares Him for Fans Catcalls [Bloomberg.com]