My boy was just like

I'm listening: It looks like someone finally figured out the only way you're going to get me up in the middle of the night to go shopping: Black Friday Tailgate Party! [Goose's Roost] • Still a rip-off: By the way, Steve and Barry's liquidation sales begins this weekend so you can finally get that X-Small Arizona State t-shirt for under $2. [Vent About Sports] • Really?: So this is what our world has finally come to: the MLS expansion draft. [Hot Dog and Friends] • I've seen better: What's your favorite roller derby name? Fun fact: They have to be cleared through this national database, just like Matt Leinart's dates. [Steady Burn] • The five-knuckle sprained wrist: Oh, so that's how Kyle Korver hurt his wrist. [Lion In Oil]