Out of ideas: Here are pictures of a hot Russian lady boxer. Enjoy the long weekend. [The Spoiler] • Don't even think about it, Johnny Majors: Bill Snyder's return to Kansas State is probably giving some other ex-coaches some ideas. They should forget those ideas. [APIAS] • I hear Del Boca Vista is nice: What's next for Shaun Alexander? If he's lucky, it doesn't involve arguing about cover two defenses with former Dallas Cowboys. [Tirico Suave] • Butch Davis, anyone?: Maybe someday, someone will write a wistful remembrance of the Romeo Crenel Era. Or not. [Cleveland Frowns] • It's pure something: "My wife sits up in the stands during games to watch. And after one game, she comes home and she's like, you wouldn't believe what I saw. Right below her, like right below her, Canadians fans were sitting. Middle of the game, a Bruins fan unzips his pants, takes a leak on the Montreal fan right in the middle of the stands. If that's not pure hate..." [MyHogtown]