The Knicks are quietly stumbling toward legitimacy this season under Mike D'Antoni, but still can't seem to peacefully rid themselves of the one player who embodies their past failures, Stephon Marbury. D'Antoni even extended an olive branch toward Steph by offering him a starting job, but that didn't go well. Marbury not-so-respectfully declined and went to the New York Post to air his grievances. The most Starbury quote fingered D'Antoni as shady: "I wouldn't trust him to walk my dog across the street."

Because...he would kill it? It's unclear as to what Marbury meant by that statement but the Knicks have had enough at this point. They've suspended Marbury for one game for conduct detrimental to the team and are reportedly investigating ways to either buy him out, release him, trade him, muzzle him, assassinate his dog ‚ÄĒ just to finally get rid of him.

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