Email question:

Can you answer any questions about the relationship between Gawker and Deadspin? I realize these questions smay be the email equivalent of tryptophan but its a slow work day and I've been curious about the way these things work.

Does Gawker own the site or does Deadspin just pay a percentage of its ad revenue to be attached to it? And if not Gawker, who owns the site?

Is there any type of screening process that you're required to go through before posting or weekly review of content?

I understand that Deadspin is a large sports blog- but can you put into perspective how it compares to other well known/high activity news or entertainment sites in terms of traffic?


How much of your professional time is spent on Deadspin? Any other things you're working on?

Did you mean Black and White the James Toback movie or the Michael Jackson video?


Christ. That's, like, 50 questions. Or four.

1. Gawker owns the site.

2. No.

3. No.

4. All day, every day. My freelancing career and my landscaping job have both been put on hold until I am finished sifting through all the email.


5. This one.