Match of the day: La Liga - Barcelona vs. Valencia at 4:00 on GolTV: The nation of Spain has gotten a bad rap around these parts in recent months for various instances of racism and cultural insensitivity, but of course they still have plenty to offer. Take for example today's match of the day, a La Liga clash between table-topping Barcelona and third place Valencia. Barca is unbeaten in their last 19 matches although their opponents enter Camp Nou with a perfect road record within the league. The home side will be without Samuel Eto'o and his 13 league goals thanks to a one match suspension, but try not to feel too bad for the Catalonian side. After all, they still pack quite a punch with Messi, Henry, the recently re-upped Xavi, and the best group of defenders in the world.

Oh crap, I just realized that this match kicks off at the same exact time as the SEC Championship. Of course I just moved and I don't have a DVR setup at the new abode. Fuck me.


Other televised matches of interest:

EPL - Arsenal vs. Wigan at 10 am on FSC
If you want to piss off an Arsenal fan (and really, who doesn't?) just remind them how close they were to landing Ronaldo. Consider it your duty to remind them how differently the last few years could have played out had the newly minted Ballon d'Or winner suited up for the Gunners. In actual Arsenal news, it looks like it won't be long before Eduardo makes his return to the lineup. You casual fans remember Eduardo, he's the one that made you physically ill 10 months ago (you know what, don't click that link). Perhaps he could see some action in two weeks against a certain team from Liverpool.

EPL - Blackburn vs. Liverpool at 10 am on Setanta
Speaking of the league leaders, they're playing Blackburn, so just chalk up those three points now. Why yes, I am attempting to jinx those fuckers, thanks for asking.


Bundesliga - Schalke 04 vs. Hertha Berlin at 11:30 on GolTV
The side from Berlin currently sits in third behind TSG Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich, who are now tied in points thanks to the latter's dramatic win in yesterday thanks to a stoppage time goal from Luca Toni. I know, I didn't believe it at first either, but Toni did in fact score a crucial goal in a huge match. Go figure. As for The Old Lady, they can pull to within a point of the first place tie, however their goal differential is pretty putrid. Oh and did you know that they are managed by one Lucien Favre? That's right, there are more Favre's out there! Just do me a favor and don't tell Tony Kornheiser.

EPL - Manchester United vs. Sunderland at 12:30 on FSC
So Roy Keane is out at Sunderland after a brief managerial reign, which is pretty unfortunate according to pretty much everyone but frustrated Sunderland supporters with unrealistic ambitions.

La Liga - Villarreal vs. Getafe at 2:00 on GolTV
Getafe have been stealing points from the big boys as of late with a tie against Barca and a thrashing of Real Madrid last weekend, and now they're up against another great team. Villarreal could find themselves trailing the league leaders by a single point by the end of the day, but it will take a win here coupled with a big upset in Barcelona.


Serie A - Lazio vs. Inter at 2:30 on FSC
Sure they're two of the top teams in Italy, but that doesn't mean any of us have to care, right? Right.

Ligue 1 - PSG vs. Le Man at 3:00 on Setanta
Not a bad match to check out if you're looking to kill some time before Barca-Valencia.

Serie A - Chievo vs. Roma at 4:30 on FSC
No fucking way. In fact, I'm a bit insulted that this is being televised at all.


EPL - Bolton Wanderers vs. Chelsea at 5:00 on Setanta (same day tape)
Tape delay? FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS! I have shit to do at 5:00 and I fucking hate watching Chelsea on my god damn laptop. You bastards at Setanta need to bump the Frenchies and move this replay up a couple of hours.

Enjoy the games, and as always, follow along in the comment section throughout the day.