OK, the Elite Eight of the 2008 Sportshuman Of The Year tournament begins tomorrow, so I figured it'd probably be wise to give everyone one last opportunity to vote before the polls close.

Some of those were out around Thanksgiving and you might have missed them. So, after the jump, your quicklinks to voting nirvana.

No. 1 Buzz Bissinger vs. No. 16 Mike Singletary

No. 2 Roger Clemens vs. No. 15 Vince Young

No. 3 Chris Berman vs. No. 14 Kevin Hart

No. 4 Chris Cooley vs. No. 13 Caitlin Davis

No. 5 Dana Jacobson vs. No. 12 Erin Andrews

No. 6 Brett Favre vs. No. 11 Baby Mangino

No. 7 Isiah Thomas vs. No. 10 Nightmare Ant

No. 8 Mark Cuban vs. No. 9 Matt Leinart