It's the battle of people who have yelled at me in public. Woo-hoo! It's just like hanging out with my dad when I was a teenager. Why wasn't my dad nominated?

You're going to have today and the weekend to vote on this one, so make it count. The Final Four will begin a week from Monday.

A look at the bracket to this point. (Thanks, Tick Crotch Jim Cooke.)

It's No. 1 seed Buzz Bissinger vs. No. 8 Mark Cuban. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:


No. 1 Buzz Bissinger
Made up.
Entered the Hall of Fame.

No. 8 Mark Cuban
Ired by this site's former editor, for reasons unknown to anyone else.
Banned bloggers from his locker room, for reasons unknown to anyone else.
Pretended he had a chance to buy the Cubs.
Charged with insider trading, kind of.

I'm afraid to vote here, lest the one I choose (or not choose) come after me. But you don't have that problem. So vote.