So, the next nine days will be chock full of end-of-year retrospectives. We'll do our own as well. Today: NSFW

One of the lasting legacies of the internet will be the way it's basically desensitized a large portion of the population to a naked human body. Somehow even the most profane images seem to be less unseemly when you see them online. Even when it's the unfurled penis of an NFL player. So be joyful or repulsed: there was an overabundance of accidental and purposeful nudity surrounding the sports world this year.


• Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes set the bar very high (or, in this case, very low) for his NFL peers to duplicate.

• Chris Cooley just couldn't measure up to the competition.

• Female Olympic water polo competitions are just soaking wet peep shows.

• This Philadelphia streaker was personally responsible for helping the Phillies win a ring, I think.

• MMA fighter Gina Carano probably could stand to do a better job making weight.

• The Shiancoe seen round the world.

• Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish is proud to go nude.

• Mike Sellers and Chris Samuels use their nude time together to better bond as teammates.

• Soccer player girlfriends are contractually obligated to have naked photos of themselves show up in British tabloids.

• This female streaker at least had the good sense to make a little money to pay off the fines.

• Just because the Colorado Rockies are a very Christian ball club, it doesn't mean their fans have to be.


• Tennis star Ashley Harkleroad's Playboy photo shoot did nothing to help her WTAl ranking.

• Oh, I totally forgot about those poor Nebraska wrestlers.