So, the next few days will be chock full of end-of-year retrospectives. We'll do our own as well. Today: The Beijing Olympics.

• That Olympic Torch Run sure was fun, wasn't it?

Opening ceremonies included fireworks, fake children.

• The Chinese could not beat Kerri Walsh and Misti May-Treanor in beach volleyball, but they did cop a feel after their match.

• President Bush had the idea first, however.

The Deadspin Beijing Bureau rooted out corruption, broke stories, visited local bars.

• Violent incidents were rare, thanks to the Chinese Scooter Police!

Tattoos + boner pills = Olympic gold.

• ESPN headline writers were in rare form.


• We all began counting the days until the 2012 Games in London.

• A swimmer named Michael Phelps won some medals ...

• ... collected endorsement loot ...

... got him some Lindsey Lohan ...

• ... still could not erase his reputation with the ladies.

• The average age of Chinese women's gymnastics team was, like, nine, but no one seemed to care.

• Cultural sensitivity with the Spanish National basketball team, ambassadors to the world.

• Let us pause to salute the athletes who never medaled.

• Tiki Barber said the C word? Really?

Usain Bolt ran really fast.

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