It's the final day of our end-of-year retrospectives, as Charles Barkley gets in just under the wire with his arrest on suspicion of DUI. Today: Substance abuse!

John Daly arrested for drunkenness at Hooters? Next you're going to tell me that Otis apparently shows up bombed at the Mayberry jail. (The PGA was not amused).

• A brilliant plan to get out of a DUI ... offer sex with your girlfriend. I see no way this can fail.

Isiah Thomas mistook sleeping pills for Reese's Pieces, blamed it on his daughter.

• Travis Henry thought he was in a Scorsese movie.

• Roger Clemens does not recall bleeding through his pants.

John Rocker was on steroids? Is there nothing to believe in?

• Barry Bonds; still unemployed, but looking fabulous.

• Steroid dealer had unfortunate nickname.

The's Nik Richie is hit with about 12 metric tons of karma.

Marcus Vick nabbed for DUI ... by bicycle officer.

Carmelo Anthony was not drunk. He just has poor balance!

• Ah yes, I remember the drunk Zamboni driver story like it was yesterday. Wait, it was yesterday.

Jack Kent Cooke's daughter gets drunk and bitchy. Let's watch the fun.

• For the Indiana Hoosiers, success was a drug. Unfortunately, so was drugs.

• What really got Shanahan fired.

OK, lunch time, everyone.