• Come again?: Did that monster promo just cause someone to orgasm on live TV? Because it sure wasn't Jerome Bettis' suit.

P.S. Try a little harder to hide your contempt, Olbermann. Where do you think your blood money comes from? [Best Week Ever]

• Or 50-50: Half of the NFL's overtime games this year ended with one team never touching the ball. So you're saying it's basically a coin flip? [Simon On Sports]

• They're so hot right now: If you think you're just going to walk up and buy Rays spring training tickets this year, you're out of your goddamn mind. [Walk Off Walk]

• Dibs on Oberkfell: Some guy is trying to get every baseball card from the 1983 Fleer collection autographed. I'm sure he has his (ridiculous) reasons. [Big League Stew]

• That's all?: A Dallas bar claims Mississippi fans spent $29,000 on drinks after beating Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. So they just put it on his tab? [Friends Of The Program]