Drink up: Choose your NFL team, choose your beer. You can boo Joe Flacco, but don't you dare bad mouth the Natty Boh. [Modern Spectator]

Define "challenge": The Mountain West/Missouri Valley Challenge? No, thanks. Unless the Big Ten wants to team up with both and then maybe they can give the ACC a run. [Storming The Floor]

A little late on that swing: The New York Assembly is fighting mad over the shady financing deal for Yankee Stadium, and they are definitely going to do something about it just as soon as they find a buyer for these tickets for Opening Day. [Fack You]

There's more ice in the drinks: The NHL is talking about playing the Winter Classic on the Las Vegas strip. I hope they're planning to play on roller blades, because that's a bang up idea. [Two Line Pass]

Note to MMA fans—don't hurt me: Note to self: If you're going to deface a public building, don't let ESPN take a picture of you doing it. Scoop Jackson doesn't believe in anarchy. [Watch Kalib Run]