Is a Steelers rally at the Diesel Club Lounge any place for impressionable youngsters? Well, yes, when they're the headlining music act. Meet the Pop Rocks.

When six middle school kids from Butler County, Pa., formed a band last year, little did they know that they'd be the headlining a rally on Pittsburgh's south side which included mayor Luke Ravenscroft and spiky-haired kicker Jeff Reed. This song by the Pop Rocks, sung to the tune of Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker, has become what you call one of them interwebs sensations. (Full version below).

The Pop Rocks are three boys and three girls ages 11-13, who came together at the the Summer Rock Shop program at The Davis School of Guitar Performance this past June. Also available, I assume, for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

"My Mom and my aunt, they wrote the words, and we already had (the) original version of Heartbreaker down, so we had the singer sing the new words," said group member Elektra Davis, 11. Davis' father, Duane, runs a music school in Harmony and put the band together last summer. When the Steelers made the playoffs, their focus turned to football.

The band shot a music video in the Davis' basement and in one week's time, the video has gotten more than 250,000 hits and five stars on YouTube.

Hear the song. Get the T-shirt. Your move, Arizona middle schoolers.

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