Standing in the middle of New York City while a little girl rolls red paint over his crotch, this "Today" show segment pretty much sums up Tiki Barber's post-NFL existence.

The former Giants running back, who retired from football the year before his team won a Super Bowl, is plumbing new depths of personal humiliation for the sake of his "journalism" career. Just think that it was only close to two years ago that Barber, fed up with the direction of the New York Giants under coach Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning's "comical" leadership, prematurely retired from football because he had better things to do in his life.

Best Week Ever's Dan Hopper says this is clearly a man who's dying inside:

If you look into Tiki Barber’s eyes while this group of blue-smocked children douse his entire body with colored paint to the soundtrack of tribal Blue Man Group beats, there is a soft, subtle, yet deeply truthful twinge of “why in the name of all that is holy did I choose to retire for this?”

But at least he's not at Super Bowl Media Day. That would be just too demeaning.

Tiki Barber Has Crotch Painted By Children And Blue Man Group, Finally Regrets Retiring Probably [Best Week Ever]