The Cowboys' Martellus Bennett is sorry for that earlier rap, when he rhymed "Romo" with "homo." Precisely $22,000 worth of sorry. So he'd like to make it up to you with ... another rap.

Good thing this followup came along when it did; I had no idea that the whole thing was the media's fault. The original was, apparently, "just a song." That clears that up.

The Cowboys fined Bennett 22 grand for his first little ditty, making it the first YouTube rap song to lose money, I believe.


It's also important to note that the best results in hip-hop are achieved when you whisper the lyrics.

Elsewhere in the vast galaxy of regret:

• "Sorry we thought that Ray Lewis and Justin Tuck in tights would sell beverages." — Pepsico

• "Well, it looks like another year of me. Sorry." — Bobby Bowden

• "Sorry for conjuring this horrifying image." — ESPN intern headline writers

• "Sorry for reminding everyone that today is the two-year anniversary of when Barbaro died." — Barbaro's brother

• "Sorry for this. Really, we feel foolish now that we've had time to reflect." — Japan

• "Sorry, no way in hell will there be a Steelers parade." — City of Pittsburgh

• "Sorry for the missing player. You noticed, right? ... Hello? — WNBA

• "Sorry about all the zombies." — Austin Dept. of Transportation

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