Guilty as charged: Derek Jeter stole this sign from the old Yankee Stadium, but that's nothing compared to the time he stole my heart! [New Stadium Insider]

Let it ride: High stakes poker king Phil Ivey has a $1,000,000 bet riding on the Super Bowl, but he won't say who he picked. My guess is that he put it all on a tie. [Phil Ivey Rules]


True story: Did you know that Shea Stadium once killed a man with a flying lawnmower? And it wasn't Benny Agbayani! [Walk Off Walk]

Duh-daaaa: The only Russian names "Law and Order" writers know belong to soccer teams, which is great because the only channel Russians get is 24-hour "Law and Order" reruns. [Unprofessional Foul]

I thought Pat Burrell left town: When did the Philadelphia sports scene turn into an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog? [The 700 Level]