Now that Brenda Warner has shed the "wire-haired goblin man" look, her new image has become one of the biggest stories of Super Bowl XLIII.

The AP ran a story yesterday titled, "Brenda Warner back in spotlight with new look", which begins with this little Barbara Bush-like anecdote:

"Are you Kurt Warner's mom?"

With her short, spiky hair and graying sideburns, Brenda Warner heard that question often enough from the most innocent sources, including the young hospital patients she would meet on visits.

"No, honey, I'm not his mom," she would reply. "I'm his wife."

Ha. Poor Brenda. But now that she's stopped buying her wardrobe at Target and ditched the gray spikes, she's suddenly become much more desirable. Even Michael David Smith has noticed:

When I heard that Brenda Warner was going to be there in the media center, I thought I might ask her a question or two about how her visibility has changed her life and how she's managed to cope with being recognized at the mall or the restaurant. But once I saw her, I really couldn't ask that question: How can I ask her what it's like being recognized when I didn't recognize her myself?

But the only person to blame for her patented "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians"-look was her God-drawing quarterback husband:

Brenda said she had kept her hair short because that's the way Kurt liked it, but she grew it out while on bed rest for the final two months of the twins' pregnancy.

Of course he did.