We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another. (NSFW)

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


Yeah, Why Is Jamal Anderson Hanging Around So Many Young White Dudes?

His behavior wasn't uncommon. Not the cocaine but the being on his knees in a stall. Dude is obessed with the size of white frat boys in the greater Atlanta area. This kid was a part of his 'crew' that he hangs with....He is known to be a really creepy guy and tries to pick up random frat-type guys at bars. Supposedly the undercover cop caught him blowing this kid and found coke on him. So he just did him a favor by keeping that out of the police report. There are definitely people who witnessed this happen.

Bring It On! Or Off...

"Happened to be in Florida on business when a college national cheerleading competition was going on. Some cheerleaders practicing outside the hotel. geeez"

Rick's Cabaret Ladies Offer Their Cogent Thoughts On A-Rod

"I tell people that my boobs are fake. Why hide it? I think Alex needs to tell more. Tell everything and get it out of your system," said Kristie, a 34DD-25-36 blonde from Texas.


"We love A-Rod. He's always very nice," said Randi, a busty 36D-25-35 brunette from Arizona.

"Don't take any awards away from him," said Monique, a 5'10" 34C-23-35 blonde beauty from Georgia.

"Alex is my second favorite Yankee. I hope he comes back soon so that I can make him feel better," said Tracy a 33D-23-33 brunette from Florida.

Not every dancer feels the same way. "He lied on "60 Minutes. How can we trust any interview he does?" said Kayla, a 33C-24-35 brunette from Brazil.

Andy Musser Is Just Dogged and Determined

Our site has had an incredible number of hits (relatively, of course) the past few days purely because of the 'Warner analysis.' Our site's hits have increased by about 10,000% because of this frame-by-frame analysis. If you link to it in a post, I guarantee there will be controversy in the comments. If nothing else, it makes people think. Please link to it, and if you let me know if you do link to it, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

~ Andy Musser


Hey, it's me again. I know you I made you guys think because I sent 4 emails to 8 people, so you guys read the same stuff 32 times and not once did you respond with a 'no, thanks.' YOU MUST POST THESE PICTURES. I got them from YOUR video juxtaposed to the tuck rule. Please please please link to me, it LITERALLY PROVES IT. I was 100 percent sure with 2 grainy photos, now i have 5 CLEAR PHOTOS. Please link to me, the Buzzsaw was screwed baby!!!!!


its the first 3 posts - i can only post two pics at a time.

Thanks, and please just give me one link. You know I write well, you know I'm not some schmuck angry bitter fan. I hate Kurt Warner for 2001 and 2008!

~ Andy Musser (alias)


Warner's entire body is moving forward, and so is the Pitt defender's. You MUST use that red corner of the midfield NFL logo as your stationery point. Remember, this is a slight forward movement, so its only DEFINITIVE when you have a stationery point with which to compare the movement of the ball. It is now impossible to claim that ball was not moving forward slightly. This of course explains how hard Warner threw the ball, and why it came out with a wobbly spiral. Yes, not a perfect spiral, but a wobbly one. Thanks so much.


You gotta use all 3 posts, the first post right now is an explanation.


Remember, I'm just an asshole college kid who should be drinking right now. Why am I taking pictures of my computer screen? If my objective were to increase hits, I wouldve stopped after we increased our ALL-TIME hits by 110 percent!!! Now, Im just trying to prove it even further. Thanks, this will be the last one for at least 24 hours.


And, Mr. Daulerio, you know I am one of a small population of current college kids who even know who Andy Musser actually is.

thank you, thank you


~ Andy Musser (alias).


My older brother is a grad student and he somehow found the 7 NBC, HD pictures that I just posted. So i have 7, HD, frame by frame pictures. Indisputable. Thanks so much, I will stop bothering you when you at least give me a shot, especially if you posted an incorrect screen shot of Holmes (perhaps that explains your hesitance, but I don't care). All I know is I'm right, and all we know as a blog is that we increased our traffic (2500 hits from July through February, and currently were pushing 7 grand) by almost 200 percent in 4 days for a reason. Thanks again for all your help, I think you may have linked my site to an email to the commenters, thus explaining the absurd spike in traffic. Either way, we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for all the help, thanks for your open-mindedness, and thanks for fighting the Bissingers that make an asshole like me believe he can actually blog well too. Well alright.

Mr. Leitch, good talk.

Charlies Manuel, ladies and gentlemen. Be nice to him and visit him early and often.

Jamal Anderson Photo: Sports By Brooks