I thought it was a Gatorade ad: A 75-foot over-the-shoulder hook shot? Is it too late to give him that little plastic horse? [BSO]

What's that smell?: Live and love at the Bassmaster Classic. Never have so many waited in line for so long to watch people weigh dead fish. [Friends of the Program]

I'm not wearing that: Yes, these basketball jerseys are terrible, but at least very little fabric had to die to make them happen. [Fan IQ]


That is one tight end: Wow, I had no idea that the NFL combine held so much homoerotic enegry. Okay, I had some idea. [Outsports]

Clogging the basket?: Here's a video of all 50 of Dwayne Wade's wasted points. [NESW]

Is that all?: You know what you need to read right now? An 81-page PDF dossier on the 2009 Tampa Bay Rays. [DRaysBay]