Here's a screen grab from a Feb. 19 article on MSNBC Chicago on a hazing incident involving the Deerfield High School swim team. Um, girls, you're doing it wrong.

I'm pretty sure that's synchronized swimming, which is an entirely different animal.

But on to the hazing:

The controversy stems from Senior Night activities on Feb. 6, considered a long-standing tradition with the Warrior swim team family. "The underclassmen go about the community, and they throw toilet paper on the trees. They'll hold onto them, put them in their car, drive them to the next location and then let them go." parent Steve Brew said.

"We'll run towards them and be like, 'Ha, got you.' So, it's basically, it's like a game of tag," explained senior swimmer Michael Brew.

More than a dozen seniors were suspended and a meet was canceled over this. What's going on in Illinois? What's described above is not hazing, and that picture is not swimming. And what high school has their swim season in February? I'm really asleep right now and I'm dreaming this, right?

Swimmers Hazed And Confused [MSNBC]