Poor Stacey Dales. Before last week, she was just another former player with a camera-friendly face who got the axe at ESPN. But since her rumored fly-me-first-class-or-I'm-out demands, she's become a debatable economics topic.

First it was Chicago Daily Herald writer Charlotte Babcock McGraw, who suggested Dales better check herself before she wrecks herself (chickity check) and think of all the unemployed Americans out there who would lop off an arm just to earn a steady paycheck:

Note to Stacey: We're in an economic depression here. Companies all over the globe, even ESPN, I would imagine, are trying to slash costs right now on everything from free coffee in the break room - to, yep, first-class travel.

And what's with the comparisons? Yeah, it's not cool to be the odd man out, but the broadcasters you were traveling with this fall for ESPN's football coverage - Brad Nessler, Paul Maguire and Bob Griese - are longtime veterans who are a bit more tenured and well traveled than you.


That's a little harsh. From what we've heard about ESPN contract negotiations over the years, Dales request is decidedly un-diva like compared to some other Bristolites. McGraw's story was then picked up by The Economist's blog, which opened up Dales' antics to a perversely more analytical, logical, and tinier crowd to the argument:

I will side with Totally Daft & thischarmingmatt and support the proposition that there may be more subtle forms of discrimination. I am only 5ft 6in tall and my wife is barely 5ft, but last year on a long trip to Australia, we decided to fly business class because I could not stand pushing my knees into the seat in front for 7 hours.

So some Economist readers side with Dales because they think, since she's a former basketball player, she's too big of a lady to ride in coach. It's an issue of comfort, dammit.


And it's kind of awesome that the Economist has commenters named "Totally Daft."

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