The high hard one: Excessive crotch grabbing is not just a stereotype that you see in the movies. Yes, I'm talking about baseball movies. [More Hardball]

So rude: Alexander Ovechkin is just being mean to Sidney Crosby now. Why does Alex have to go and score all those goals like that? [Josh Q Public]


Even the losing is more fun: The owner of the Texans is doing a much better job than the owner of the Cowboys. Except for, you know ... the winning. [SportsJustice]

Just a thought: I've never started a soccer riot myself, but if you are going to cause a little mayhem wouldn't it be better to not set fire to the section of the stadium that you're currently sitting in? [Total Pro Sports]

Old news: Just for the record, performance enhancing goons have been ruining sports for over 100 years. All those 1904 marathon records are tainted now! [Steroid Nation]