He is very talented: Bo Jackson is opening a bank. Well, that should solve everything, right? [Darren Rovell]

Money changes everything: Northern Iowa is dropping baseball, because of the worldwide financiapocalypse. Um ... did you not hear what I just said about Bo Jackson? [Online Sports Guys]

Just flip a coin: One of the top projected picks in the NFL draft was a two-star recruit with only one college scholarship offer when he came out of high school. The moral, as always: no one knows anything. [Top Cheddar]

La La I can't hear you: Tiger Woods is the first athlete to ever come back from an injury ever. No one is like him, you hear! [Luke Kohler]

There should be open dates in October: The greatest Cub of all time wants to marry people at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, every time there's a marriage at Wrigley Field, someone always gets left at the altar. [The Big Picture]