Hey, Girls! Do you and the gals love to gab about hockey at your slumber parties? Because the Capitals would love to see a few extra broads in the seats at their next home game.

It's been my experience (through observation) that hockey players have no problem generating female interest, but Washington is going the extra mile with "Capitals Scarlet," a new fan club devoted to the testosterone-deprived members of their rooting base. Their website has all the latest Caps news, plus sexy team bios and primers on hockey rules and terminology. (Actually, I think a few of our male commenters could use that.) Best of all, the club hosts cocktail parties and other lady-centric events that can guest star friendly (and single?) Capitals players. It's like "Sex and The City," if Mr. Big got punched in his teeth more often.


Look ... hockey needs fans, guys want someone pretty to sit next to them at games, and chicks dig athletes with funny accents, so this is certainly not the worst idea the NHL ever had. Plus, they couldn't return these headbands to the manufacturer so somebody better buy them.

Female Hockey Fans of the Washington Capitals [Scarlet Caps; photo via; thanks to Steinberg]