Jokesters on a Maryland message board posted the phone number of the hotel that Duke's hoops team was staying in last night and the results were a sad indictment of the current state of college pranks.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with people who hang out on college basketball message boards in the middle of a Tuesday night. Everyone was in agreement that something must be done, but no one could be sure what that should be:

If y'all are serious about tomorrow, you should really F*** with these guys all night.

Naturally, prank calls were the first order of business:

Haha, I just called and asked for Gerald Henderson's room please and the lady at the front desk actually connected me to him. He just said hello and I hung up. I don't really have anything witty/funny to say.

You hung up? Brilliant! A lot more ideas were floated for Plan B. Pulled fire alarms. Getting a hotel room. (What for? To jump on the beds?) Air horns. More prank calls. And ... that was about it. The finest internet minds gathering together to wreak mayhem and madness, and this is the best they could do? Not even a fake 100-pizza delivery order?


Of course, the Dukies were no better. Once they caught wind of this "appalling" and "classless" act, they went running to Mommy—calling Blue Devil coaches to warn them of the impending menace like so many Paul Reveres of the Web. In fact, it looks like they got more calls through to the team than the Maryland fans did.

It seems that all these half-hearted measures got phone access to the Duke rooms cut off well-before midnight, and the players and coaches no doubt slept like babies. In fact, despite much boasting and plotting and (most likely) lies, it seems that only one person managed to mildly annoy a Duke player last night. (And even that is probably made up.)

Since Jdawg asked; my Paulus transcript:

"Hello, this is ****** with the Washington Times, sorry to bother you at this hour Mr. Paulus, but we are running a small piece tomorrow and I was hoping to take 2 minutes and ask you a question?"

Him: "Uhhh, sure"

"If you had to choose between Deron Washington, Danny Green, and Dwayne Collins, who's nuts would you say tasted the best?"


Crap. He forgot to say "Bababooey."

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