Attention Oprah's Book Club readers: The publishing date of Selena Roberts' tell-all tome on Alex Rodriguez has been moved up to late April. And it may pack more of a punch than previously thought.

Keith Olbermann, still ever tuned in to sports, had the news yesterday during his Worst Person in the World segment: Roberts' book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, may have some new allegations of A-Rod chemical naughtiness. From Countdown's Worst Person in the World segment Tuesday night:

"The story in publishing circles is that Roberts convincingly ties Rodriguez in the book not just to steroid use, which he has sort of admitted to, but also to the use of non-steroid performance enhancing drugs."

That's tantalizingly vague, being that "non-steroid performance enhancing drugs" could include anything from Human Growth Hormone to amphetamines, creatine, blood doping agents or even Red Bull. Or all of the above. You know, if Roberts is to be believed, what didn't Rodriguez put into his body?*


So it looks like we're not only going to get (alleged) salacious details of Rodriguez' personal life, but also other, further damning allegations of performance enhancing shenanigans. Meanwhile, as Olbermann notes, the book's publishing date has been pushed up from May 17 to April 14; just two days before the Yankees begin their first home stand, against Cleveland (although, according to a source close to the author, that date will more likely be sometime later in April). A first run of 150,000 copies will be available for pre-order on April 6.

HarperCollins probably had second thoughts about the April 14 release date because it's A. The date the Titanic was struck by an iceberg, B. The date Lincoln was shot, and C. My birthday.

So those of you who thought that the A-Rod chatter would dissipate by the start of baseball season, sorry. A whole new season of A-Rod controversy is just getting started, thanks to Roberts, and of course A-Rod. Worst Persons in the World, indeed. My question is, why only the bronze, Keith?


* = Sorry, no Jeter or Madonna jokes are being accepted at this time. We will keep your joke on file should there be an opening in the future.

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