Rick Reilly detests blogs, but loves Facebook apparently. Oh, and posting on his own blog (not a blog!) "Go Fish" where he publishes "occasional and random mind dumps from the brain of Rick Reilly."

Last week Reilly finally succumbed to the whole "25 Random Things About Me" activity that's been popular on Facebook the last few months, until everyone on Facebook decided it wasn't cool to learn someone you went to junior high with "really enjoys being pregnant" or is "lost a toe in a dishwasher accident." But Reilly's was actually pretty fascinating. Like the "person he'd most like to meet" is Dave Barry. You're telling me those two guys haven't met yet? That seems unfathomable to me. Also, we find out that Rick is allergic to animals, is married to the 1980 Junior Miss California, and hates Howard Cosell: "Howard Cosell is the biggest jerk I ever met. Nasty, nasty guy."

But the one that stuck out at me the most was this:

I really hate to write. Abhor it. I write at restaurants and bars, so I don't feel so abjectly alone.

What is he Sylvia Plath? Here's a suggestion: talk to your money while you write. Stack up the $2 million and put little Geico eyes on it, and pound out your 800 words in an hour. That should keep you company.

25 Random Things [Go Fish]