Everyone who has ever played organized sports has that one moment of athletic glory they will never let anyone forget about, but I think Spencer Krhin's memory is going to be better than most.

Last Friday night, his team—Southwood High in Wabash, Indiana—was trailing cross-town rival Northfield by nine points with 46.1 seconds to play. That's when Spencer decided to go to work. He drained two straight threes, stole a loose ball to set up a third trey, stole away another on the ensuing possession, then went the length of the court with 5.1 seconds left to hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer. I'd say that was a pretty good night.

(I guess he's also the quarterback of the football team and has thrown at least two career touchdown passes, so that's nice too. News can take awhile to bubble up from Wabash.)


If only Spike Lee had been courtside he could have rubbed it that guy's smug little directing face.

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