The whole state of Arizona is having a Tigergasm right now and the lives of golf fans once again have meaning. This was the glorious moment of his fabled return.

Tiger Woods won the first hole of his match against Brendan Jones thanks to this immaculate drive, which of course means that the match and the tournament are over. He's the best in the world, now and forever, end of story. At least I figured out where the Golf Channel is on my cable dial. Oh, and Stewart Cink hit a 47-foot putt on the 19th hole to win his match, but you shouldn't bother yourself with that.

By the way, what possesses fans to yell things like this at professional golfers? Do they think they're actually helping or is it simply the golf world's version of "Look Ma, I'm on the teevee!"

Jason Sobel's Live Blog [ESPN]
[Video via The Golf Channel]