Are Jim Calhoun and Connecticut governor M. Jodi Rell officially feuding? Rell had a few choice things to say about the coach today, and it is ON, sister!

The governor thinks that Calhoun's give-and-take with blogger/political activist Ken Krayeske at a UConn press conference on Saturday was tacky. And she said so.

"I think if coach Calhoun had the opportunity right now, he would welcome a do-over and not have that embarrassing display," Rell told reporters after a meeting with business leaders and local college officials. Asked what she considered embarrassing, Rell said, "I just thought the whole tone, his whole tone."

By today, Calhoun seems to have regained a portion of his composure.

"I'm getting ready for a Marquette basketball game. Whatever people want to say and whatever they want to do, we have three really tough games coming up, and that's what I'm interested in."


Rell is a breast cancer survivor and author of several state three-strikes laws, but more importantly, attended Old Dominion. Do not mess with a cancer-surviving Monarch.

Photo (right side): Christine Stuart.

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