America's Sideline Princess has the patience of Job when it comes to her internet "fans," but sometimes folks go too far—and she admits she's not above lawyering up if the need arises.

Erin Andrews appeared on ESPN Radio in Milwaukee this week, and naturally she was asked the typical question about whether she reads her own press. Unfortunately, it seems that she does:

It's kind of difficult to not. If anything lately it's kind of been like I have people that do that for me obviously just to look out for me and make sure everything is ok.

"There's been situations where stuff that's been false has been written. We've kinda had to take action on our own. Whether it's my agents or lawyers or stuff. It's kind of hard to stay away from it. I'm not as obsessive I think about it as as I was about it when I first started. It's amazing that people can write the stuff that they write and not be held accountable for it. Can you imagine if you and I went on air or on the radio and said some of the stuff that these people get away with. We'd be fired. It's unbelievable."

Yes, it is unbelievable. (Gulp.) Anyway, if you were thinking of starting another scurrilous rumor about Erin Andrews ... just don't. You can't afford it. Or at the very least, send it to Drew and not me.

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