The Detroit Pistons are free falling and when a tenuous group of aging veterans begins to run out of gas late in the season that's usually a perfect time for an embarrassing on-court temper tantrum.

Of course, we're dealing with Rasheed Wallace, for whom nothing is embarrassing or extraordinary. Last night against New Orleans he was called for a technical foul—his 15th of the year—and got pulled from the game. Angry about the benching, he swatted a ball boy's towel into the stands, got called for another technical (earning an automatic ejection) and then threw another towel at his own coach! Classic 'Sheed!

Did I mention that there were about eight minutes left in the game, his team was down by two and they would end up losing by three? So not so great on the timing. The Pistons have lost eight games in a row, 17 of their last 22 and 10 of the last 12 at home, are two games below .500 and 17.5 games behind Cleveland in the Central. The Iverson trade has been underwhelming and some are wondering if they should start cutting their losses on the season now.

Here's the funny thing though—they are in second place in the division and still have the seventh spot in the playoffs! Imagine how far they could go if they were actually good.

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