Yes, Duke beat Maryland in a key ACC men's basketball matchup on Wednesday, but sometimes the most important victories are not won on the court, but in the stands. Behold: Operation Scheyerface, v2.0.

Operation Scheyerface was conceived as a Facebook group by Maryland student Jimmy Johnston, who quickly organized a small army of 1,100 Maryland fans armed with computer images of Duke guard Jon Scheyer for Wednesday's game. From the page:

Duke guard Jon Scheyer makes possibly the funkiest facial expressions of all time while playing basketball. Therefore, we shall make fun of him. Did this two years ago and we won, so let's follow the lead of the lady terps and do it again!

This time, we need everyone to print out one black and white scheyerface (or more since I'm sure people will miss this) from the end of this description and taunt him. It doesn't matter which one, just pick one. If you are on the wall, I'm pretty sure shooting 2nd half free throws into a wall of Scheyerfaces would work to perfection.

Witness the result above.

It's the next step in fan evolution, I suppose, from the big-head sign craze, made popular at Marquette, and transferred to Indiana when Tom Crean moved to the Hoosier state.

Who knows what crazy shit we'll seen in the stands in the future? (Note to NCAA: Do not ban these signs for the NCAA Tournament. Big mistake if you do).


Of course, Operation Scheyerface didn't work exactly as planned: Scheyer hit a key 3-pointer with 1:54 remaining in the Blue Devils' 78-67 win.

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