No, no — it's not what you think. She's training to be a Haitian drug mule.

Again, not really. The (former?) professional tennis player is actually doing something nice and buying condoms in Haiti to encourage all of those living (or visiting) the disease-ravaged country to practice safe intercourse due to its widespread problems with malaria, HIV, and all sorts of other things you don't want to contract during a freewheeling Spring Break in Port-Au-Prince.

It's part of Population Services International, which is desperately trying to prevent these diseases from wiping out the entire population. Anna blogs about her experience and offers her insights on, among other things, diarrhea:

Diarrhea is rampant and is a major cause of infant deaths, simply due to the lack of clean drinking water. I've never seen so much trash and waste, on every street, on every single road. They don't have the systems to get rid of the waste in a proper way, not to mention recycling, so they have to burn it in the streets. There's no infrastructure or programs of any kind, whether it's plumbing, waste control, sewers, clean water, etc. It was so difficult to see those conditions with my own eyes.

And that's why Frank DeFord fell in love.

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